Le Cream'lé du chef pâtissier de Bordeaux Cyril San Nicolas


Le Canelé By Cyril - Crédit photo Pascal Rabot

A “Cream’lé”, a mix of “cream” and “canelé” for a Bordeaux Canelé revisited with creamy preparations. This concept was created for the 2016 summer collection of the San Nicolas pastry shop. Since it buzzed in Bordeaux but also in French shows and events. 

It is a crunchy and caramelized Bordeaux Canelé, garnished with a milk chocolate ganache (Galaxie Weiss) lime, a salted butter caramel and a whipped cream of mascarpone with vanilla from Madagascar. Chef Cyril San Nicolas declines several varieties of Cream’les. They are to be discovered in exclusivity in shop according to their desires and the products of season.

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Photo HD Cream'lé Framboise Pêche de vigne Nougat de Montélimar Pâtisserie San Nicolas Bordeaux HD

The Chef Cyril San Nicolas declines several varieties of Cream’les always greedy and tasty. For the end-of-year celebrations, he has declined the Cream’lé in combination with the sweet pleasure of blackberry mixed with the flavor of the Richerenches truffle. The whole gives a real explosion of flavors at tasting.

Cream’lé with truffle:

Chocolate in black chocolate, creamy White Chocolate with Richerenches truffle, lemon blackberry coulis and whipped cream mascarpone, truffle cream.

Cream’lé passionate:

Chocolate with white chocolate, caramel salted butter, creamy passion fruit banana mango, chantilly mascarpone coconut.

Cream’lé pistachio:

Canisé with pistachio, creamy pistachio, red fruits, chantilly mascarpone red fruits.

And he doesn’t want to stop there! The chef also extends his range for all celebrations, from Christmas to the very famous Valentine’s Day (the “Cream’lé pour tous” (Raspberry, Rose and Litchi) and the “Resiste moi si tu peut” with red fruits) by adding more flavors and more passion. Then follow the seasons and discover frequently new creations by Cyril!


As you may know, the canelé is a sweet specialty from Bordeaux! Little, crunchy, caramelized, with delicious tastes of vanilla and rum. Chef San Nicolas was looking how he could boost this pastry up, while maintaining the authenticity of the canelé.

“How can I give you more peps … I have to find a new recipe.”

“I think I know !”

“I’ll cut your head off !”

“With some creamy and whipped cream, you’ll become damn** good!!”

“But how can I name this canelé new generation?”

Mathéo, my son, please come here, you have to taste my remastered canelé!!!


“Wow, there is the idea!”

“Then I’ll hollow you, and finally I’ll use you as a verrine.”

“Awesome!!! That is absolutely stunning! I’m in love. #Foodporn”

This new canelé passed the quality control and Mathéo San Nicolas found the crazy name of this pastry : The Cream’lé®.“Cream” for the creamy side of this cake“lé” for the caneLÉ of Bordeaux.

HD Cream'lé Original Cyril San Nicolas Pâtisserie Bordeaux