L'école de pâtisserie : les formations de la pâtisserie San Nicolas

You absolutely need to discover our new concept!

Corner San Nicolas, Parvis Armand Train Station St Jean, Bordeaux.

Please come and discover the Corner San Nicolas (since June 2017). There you can degust all the sugar creations made by our passionate Pastry Chef. The Corner San Nicolas put under the spotlight the famous creation of Cyril San Nicolas: The Cream’lé®. If you do not know yet this New Generation of Canelé, do not wait any longer, come to meet us and this product in our two Pastry-shops in Bordeaux, or, you can also click on our Cream’lé® section in order to put you in appetite.

At Corner San Nicolas, you have the choice between several flavour of our Cream’lé®; original, chocolate … but not only! As a matter of fact, you can also create your own Cream’lé® thanks to a creamy selection of caramel, toppings, and chocolate; that is why we created a Pastry Bar in order to dress Cream’lés® right in front of you!! Isn’t it fantastic?

The Corner San Nicolas, offer you also other pastries of our Chef, such as chocolate creations, macarons, Bordeaux canelés, madeleines and croissants and pain au chocolat. During the summer, you will enjoy ice-cream made by our Chef and during winter, you’ll have three chocolate fountains allowing you to create your own chocolate tablet personalized.

All of these delicacies could be degust on our terrace with coffee, hot chocolate, tea or season fruit juice. Please be careful you’ll feel so comfortable with our pastries and our team, that you might miss your train!!! So if you are really late, do not worry we also do take away, isn’t fab? And with our take-away you’ll pleased yourself and your family or co-workers !