La Team San Nicolas vous concocte pleins de nouveautés et de surprises !

The San Nicolas team offers you many novelties and surprises!

So what’s new in this autumn? The San Nicolas team disclose to you their new features.

La Pâtisserie San Nicolas : new things to come !

You already know our main address at 11 rue Duffour Dubergier in city center of Bordeaux, close to the Place Pey Berland. Our beautiful boutique with color codes white, black and fushia. Every day, there, we propose you delicicous pastries of the Pastry Chef and Master Craftsman Cyril San Nicolas. The San Nicolas team feels the desire of change. So we will soon offer you new features ! Ok we let you know ONE new : soon coffee from our roaster from Bordeaux “Soubira” on sale at the Patisserie ! *WHAT ELSE ?* To find it out, we will be pleased to meet you soon at the Patisserie.

Our new outlet : the Corner San Nicolas

As most of you already know, we have opened our second outlet on the forecourt of Gare Saint-Jean on July 1st, during the launch of the LGV. This allowed us to discover a new clientele and give us the ability to make discover to a large number of people, Bordeaux’s residents and tourists, the speciality of the Pastry Chef Cyril San Nicolas, the SO Famous Cream’lé® ! In addition, the other specialities of the Chef, like the Canelés de Bordeaux, viennoiseries, madeleines, ice creams, chocolates. But we don’t want to stop here ! The openning of a third outlet ? Yes we are thinking about it !

At Corner San Nicolas, throughout the year we propose offers to permite to our customers to discover our differents delicacies. So you! Gourmand and Gourmet, if you still don’t know the Corner San Nicolas, come and visit us, the San Nicolas team will welcome you with his most beautiful smile!

Happenings and social networks

The San Nicolas team regularly organizes happenings on the Corner. For the launch of the Corner, we have managed to gather a large number of people around tastings, demonstrations, live music … all of that in a good mood and with the desire to please you. Other events are to come, the next one will take place in October. To be informed and to know the dates, stay connected, by following us on the social networks: Facebook and Insta: # PSN33 @Cornersannicolas! By the way, you can also follow the adventures of the Canelé de Bordeaux and the Cream’lé® throughout France but also internationally, Bali, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York … and soon full of others destinations!

See you soon !

The Patisserie San Nicolas team