bûches de Noël 2017 by Cyril San Nicolas Pâtisserie San Nicolas Bordeaux

Christmas logs

The Christmas logs


bûches caramal passionné by Cyril

bûches caramal passionné by Cyril

The list of Christmas logs 2017 by the Chef Cyril San Nicolas is already available.

So you can order from now on!

Indeed, Christmas is fast coming. And this year again, the Chef Cyril San Nicolas has created delicious Christmas logs.

Mousse, ice cream or butter cream base ?



In association with different flavors : chocolate, mango/ passion fuit/ banana, red fruits whith violet, praline and for some punch with rhum or Grand Marnier. The Chef offers you a wide range of tastes for your logs so all the greedy can find their little pleasure for the festive season !

*SURPRISE* !!! Thanks to his succes and for your own pleasure, the Chef has created the « CREAM’LE » LOG ! With a drak chocolate biscuit base cake, a Lichu chocolate ganache 64% pure origin Vietnam. The Chef proposes 4 differents Cream’lé logs : The ORIGINAL Cream’lé, the Montblanc Creaml’é, the Caramel Passion Cream’lé and the Red Fruits Cream’lé ! Don’t hesitate to test it !

CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK : “CHRISTMAS LOGS LIST” to discover all the details of our logs and order in our pastry shop located at 11 rue Duffour Dubergier 33000 BORDEAUX.


Christmas Delicacies


Macarons d’exeption by Cyril


The San Nicolas Pastry shop begins to fill with your favorite Christmas delicacies !

Indeed, between orangettes, macaroons, rochers, boxes of chocolates, candied chestnuts and guinettes, this year again you will have enough choices to please you and your loved ones !

Don’t forget to order your Christmas delicacies ! CLICK ON THIS FOLLOWING LINK : « CHRISTMAS DELICACIES LIST» to find the list of the delicacies offered by the San Nicolas pastry shop in Bordeaux.




Christmas Breads


The San Nicolas pastry shop offers a wide range of « special breads » to go along your festive meals. Ranging from traditional baguette and « pain de campagne » to ginderbread for foie gras, rye bread for oysters and walnut or fig bread for chesse. We do everything for you to find the breads that will match with your menu !

CLICK ON THIS FOLLOWING LINK : « CHRISTMAS BREADS LIST» to find the list of all our Christmas breads offered by the San Nicolas pastry shop in Bordeaux.


Chef’s Breakfast


Le petit dej by Cyril

 During this festive season, don’t forget the beakfast for your whole family ! The Chef San Nicolas and his team prepares baguettes, croissants, chocolatines, brioches, Kouglofs, jams, speads … all is homemade !

Indeed, the day after a good meal with family or friends, there is nothing better than a good, hearty breakfast ! Nothing to prepare ! Come as you are and pick up your order !^^ In sweat pants or pyjamas, the team San Nicolas will welcome you with his nicest smile !

So we are waiting for you at the San Nicolas pastry shop in Bordeaux to take away your order. You can also call us or send us an e-mail, by clicking on the following link to get all our contact information : CONTACT

See you soon !

San Nicolas Team